Our Story

Montagave began in 2019 as a creative way to symbolize our two cultures (French/Texan) coming together as one.

We originally sourced a french oak barrel from an esteemed cabernet sauvignon winemaker and used it to rest single estate valley tequila for six months. We served the resulting expression at our wedding and were blown away by the response - the taste was delicious, the color was distinctive, and friends and family kept asking us to make more. After a few friends and family batches, we approached the Rosales family of the renown Cascahuin Distillery (NOM 1123) to discuss a collaboration. 

We wanted to introduce wood innovation - barrels never before seen in the world of tequila - to the Rosales family’s rich heritage of additive-free and artisanal tequila.

In 2022, we launched our first collaborative expression, Montagave Blanco ‘Héritage’, and are honored to say it has earned its place as one of the highest-rated tequila offerings on the market today.

Montagave is the result of those magical moments gathered with friends and family eating, drinking, connecting, and celebrating. What inspires us today is crafting the finest Tequila in the world to enhance those moments for others. 

From the sustainable agave sourcing and artisanal oven roasting, to the selective use of premier barrels from around the world for aging, each step of our agave-to-bottle process is carefully curated to ensure the highest possible quality and an extraordinary drinking experience.

We share deep gratitude for the enthusiasm and support of our project so far, and are thrilled for the journey ahead. 

Salud x Santé,

Lucie + John 

Our Producer

Montagave is produced by the Rosales Family at the Cascahuin Distillery (NOM 1123) in El Arenal, Jalisco, MX. Cascahuin, which translates to "mountain of light", borrows its name from a mountain nearby.

The Rosales family's tradition of distilling began in 1904 and now spans over four generations. For more than 100 years, the Rosales family has dedicated themselves to a single pursuit: a steadfast focus on sustainable production of the highest possible quality.