Our Story

In March 2019, our French and Texan families came together for our hometown wedding in Aspen, Colorado. 

Following one of our long family dinners, we found ourselves around a table that featured bottles of Champagne, Bordeaux, Port, Sauternes, Whisk(e)y, and Tequila. It was there that we had the idea for a collaborative sipping Tequila, one that honored artisanal craftsmanship while also pushing the boundaries of barrel-aging tradition. 

In the ensuing months, the idea lured us into experimentation. With our first batch, we aged a single estate valley tequila in French Oak Grand Cru Cabernet Sauvignon wine barrels for 6 months. The result was a Tequila that was beautiful in color and exceptionally layered in flavor.

Emboldened by the incredible taste and distinctive color, we bottled the first batch and drank it with friends and family at dinners, parties, and weddings. When we ran out, we made a second batch, and then a third, adjusting the recipe along the way to get it just right.

Soon enough, our Tequila had been shared with friends and family from all over the world: Paris, Bordeaux, London, Zurich, Milan, Singapore, Mexico City, Austin, Aspen, Miami. Along the way, it became known as Montagave (Mont-Agave), a name that represented our cultures colliding and recognized the mountains where our story began.

Montagave is the result of those magical moments gathered with friends and family eating, drinking, connecting, and celebrating. What inspires us today is crafting the finest Tequila in the world to enhance those moments for others. 

From the sustainable agave sourcing and artisanal oven roasting, to the selective use of premier barrels from around the world for aging, each step of our agave-to-bottle process is carefully curated to ensure the highest possible quality and an extraordinary drinking experience.

Salud x Santé,

Lucie & John

Our Producer

Montagave is produced by the Rosales Family at the Cascahuin Distillery (NOM 1123) in El Arenal, Jalisco, MX. Cascahuin, which translates to "mountain of light", borrows its name from a mountain nearby.

The Rosales family's tradition of distilling began in 1904 and now spans over four generations. For more than 100 years, the Rosales family has dedicated themselves to a single pursuit: a steadfast focus on sustainable production of the highest possible quality.